Item #: CO16A-A164
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No matter how reliable your favorite light is and no matter how great it performs, eventually at one time or another, you’ll need to rely on your back-up unit to carry you through to the end of a mission.

Whether you’ve lent your primary light to your brother or you friend, or simply need another unit for someone on the team, your backup unit needs to be just as capable as the primary unit you depend upon.

Introducing the 1 AAA and 1 AA Amram Microtac palm-sized mini-tac illumination tools from Colt. All of the power and performance of their larger brothers yet condensed down to an exceptionally strong and fully capable build that can shine a beam hundreds of feet and has all of the room-clearing computer controlled features of Colt’s much larger units.

The Microtac 200 packs 200 lumens of output from a single 1AA battery. And the Microtac 100 1AAA Series puts out an amazing 100 lumens and can shine its beam well over 300 feet away.

The heads of each unit have crenellated edging for defensive maneuvers and combative training scenarios. Combine that with the double-tap hyper-strobe and your Colt Microtac is the perfect tool for non-lethal combat options. And each unit comes with a removable clip which allow for a quick transfer from ones pocket to the bill of your ball cap. No more need to carry bulky headlamps.

The waterproof double sealed IP68 body allows for use under water, and in dusty and sandy conditions all of which would easily destroy most other competing brand’s micro lights.

From the moment you first handle the Colt Microtac Series of 1AA and 1AAA lights, you will instantly see and feel what differentiates Colt from the competition. Entirely shock-proof, impact-resistant and crush-resistant, the high quality industrial builds makes them among the toughest high-performance professional Tac lights on the market. And because they run on either AA or AAA batteries (model depending), finding batteries where ever you go, will be a very easy task.

The Amram Microtac 100AAA and Amram Microtac 200AA flashlights are your number one back up series Tac Lights for professional LE and Service Duty applications.


 Length: 4.6 Inches

 Batteries: 1 AA Batteries (Included)

 Run Time: Up to 6 hours

 Body Construction: Aircraft Aluminum

 Light Volume: 200 Lumens

 Light Projection: 410 ft ( 125 m)

 Light Source: LED

 Modes: High, Turbo, Low

 Strobe: Double-Tap Activated

 Reflector: Quaralux Reflector

 Lens: Facet-Cut Glass

 Included Accessories: Double "S" Clip